About Us

The Naked Lounge Tea & Coffeehouse was the 2nd business opened in Chico, California by a 30 year-old Navy veteran, Chris Pendarvis. Although Chico, a college town, already had several long-standing local coffeehouses, none of them prepared espresso correctly or steamed silken microfoam. This was the year 2000, back when crossing an international border was easier than a trip to the post office, and all cappuccinos were served in glass mugs with meringue-y milk thrusting stiff peaks of scalded foam skyward. Baristas would scoop it out with a soup spoon.


The Naked Lounge competed with quality and we were unapologetically who we are. Baristas were rigorously trained. Service was systemized. . We revolutionized independent coffee in Northern California.


By 2002, we were roasting our own coffee and expanding to Sacramento where we opened our Midtown location on 15th & Q. In those days, the Naked Coffee founding fathers shared a house with five people, all of whom became coffee entrepreneurs. Naked Coffee is the Genesis story of Sacramento’s celebrated coffee culture.


Our business has long been nurtured by a band of passionate rebels, misfits, and creatives. We have always attracted people that are smart enough to do anything, but want to do something independent, free, and different from the herd. A love of coffee and freedom binds us.


We understand that businesses are made of people, not products. We provide excellent coffee, training, consulting, and knowhow to our wholesale clients. But we won’t beat you over the head with exhausting, cultish coffee fervour. Our clients’ success secures ours. If you serve our coffee in your business, you’ll find that we will work towards your goals, not just ours. Also, our prices are great, uninflated by marketing veneer.


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