Sacramento, CA
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Live Sacramento Music Nights

Naked Lounge Coffee House, Downtown >
August 2014 (8:30pm starting time)

Live Sacramento Music
1 Fri $5 The Trouble With Sevenths
Madi Sipes Hawk Tennis
2 Sat $6 Justin Farren Misner and Smith Sea Legs  
4 Mon $0 Jazz Session with the Naked Lounge Quintet
6 Wed $5 Sarah Skylight Smith Them Travelin' Birds The Wandering Fellows
7 Thu $0 Casey Groat Meet Joe Summers Erin Jarvis  
8 Fri $5 Belle Noire Idlehands Animals in the Attic The Body Rampant
9 Sat $5 Scott ivey Jordan Mcdougal Vallombrosa  
11 Mon $0

Jazz Session with the Naked Lounge Quintet

13 Wed $5 Josh lane Amber Delarosa Anne-Marie Sanderson Vinnie Guidera
14 Thu $3 Cobra Light Failure Machine The Fontaine Classic  
15 Fri $5 Jion jugo Dani Joy The Gentlemen
16 Sat $5 Alicyn Yaffee Trio Bryan McAllister Quintet    
18 Mon $0 Jazz Session with the Naked Lounge Quintet
20 Wed $6 Lara Etzen Adelynn Grace Jack Jules Stefan Sorgea
21 Thu $5 Martin Purtill Calling Tempo Alden Knight  
22 Fri $5 Brave season So Stressed VVomen
23 Sat $5 Lino Alibani Julie and Aiyana Playboy School I Am Strikes
25 Mon $0 Jazz Session with the Naked Lounge Quintet
27 Wed $5 Parie Wood Alex Nelson (of Walking Spanish)    
28 Thu $5 Erik Lillebo Restless Sons Steve Kotarek  
29 Fri $5 Juliet Company Joseph In The Well Trikome  
30 Sat $5 Cara O'Shea Grant Chesen Connor Hormell

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